"This is an absolutely cracking idea"
★★★★★ New Scientist
"It's as if the messages have been etched on the air"
★★★★★ Wired
"Tech brains everywhere exploding"
★★★★★ GigaOm
"Leave digital surprises in real-life locations"
★★★★★ CNET
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Tired of instant messaging?
Want to send your friends
messages they'll actually remember?
Want to send your friends on an adventure?
This is Traces.
It's an app that lets you
hide secret messages
anywhere in the real world
for your friends to find and discover.
To get your trace,
your friends have to go to the right place.
Their home, their school,
their work, their favourite coffee shop
or club - you decide.
Only then can they receive your trace
which appears floating in the real world
like a magic drop.
When they catch the trace with their phone,
they'll get your message.
Creating a trace is easy.
First, think of a friend.
Then fill the trace with a video,
a picture, sound or even music.
Now place it anywhere in the world using the map
and send your friends on a mission to find it.
Messaging has never been so much of an adventure.
full phone number with country code please